Asociación de Promotores Musicales de la Comunitat Valenciana (MusicaProCV) in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana is organizing a professional conference that aims to engage different actors from tourism and music industries to explore the possibilities that live music can offer to boost tourism in the Valencian Community.

Tiim conference is born with a very clear purpose: connecting Valencian music industry with public and private organizations in tourism industry and other related productive sectors, to draw up a joint roadmap committed to developing the tourism-music binomial as an opportunity for the diversification, growth, strengthening and improvement of the tourist offer of the Valencian Community.

Music impacts us physically and mentally and is a language that all of us speak. And it has the potential to become the new gastronomy in travel as a means to enrich travelers experiences. If music is built in to tourism strategies rather than bolted on after the fact, it will open a new field to develop tourism products and use music to its full potential to promote destinations, brands and companies. White Paper Music and Tourism: “Music is the new gastronomy”

2019 Edition

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